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Women's Records & Awards

Women's 1st XI Career Stats

This section has been updated and expanded to include 1st XI Career Statistics (where available) for every known player from 1928/29 until the end of the 2023/24 season across the history of the Victorian Women's Cricket Association (VWCA) and Victorian Premier Cricket. 

These records include the following grades of Women's Cricket across the years:

  • VWCA Single Grade (1928/29 to 1931/32)

  • VWCA A Grade (1932/33 to 1938/39)

  • VWCA Pennant Grade (1939/40 to 1993/94)

  • VWCA District 1sts (1994/95 to 2006/07)

  • VWCA Premier 1sts (2007/08 to 2013/14)

  • VPC Women's Premier 1sts (2014/15 to Current)


This work is still in progress but will assist with providing some background on various Current and Past Players in the history of Women's Cricket within the State of Victoria. Please note the following items:

  • All season records prior to 1963/64 (with exception of 1935/36) are based largely off available newspaper records of the day.

  • Records for the years 1944/45 to 1962/63 are still to be added to the database pending access to available results/ledger books from those years. 

  • Records for the 1991/92 VWCA Pennant Season and 2004/05 to 2007/08 VWCA District 1sts seasons are incomplete due to access issues with accessing scorebooks from the relevant clubs.

This work has been undertaken over recent years by William Rice (Competitions Support Officer - Cricket Victoria), with support from the following people and groups:

  • Pioneers Victorian Women's Cricket Association Inc. 

  • CV & VWCA Life Member, the late Robyn Calder; and

  • Long-serving VWCA Results Officer & CV/VWCA Life Member Jill Crowther

If anyone has any information to assist us in updating or correcting these records, please contact William Rice at Cricket Victoria.

Women's 1st XI Career Statistics as of 26th April 2024.

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